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A muscle is an anatomical structure consisting of a contractile form of tissue that animals use to effect movement.


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<div itemscope itemtype="">   <h1 itemprop="name">Pectoralis major</h1>   <div itemprop="alternateName">     <em>Musculus pectoralis major</em>   </div>   <img itemprop="image" src=""     alt="Pectoralis major muscle" />   <div itemprop="action">     The pectoralis major has four actions which are primarily responsible for movement of the shoulder joint.      The first action is flexion of the humerus, as in throwing a ball side-arm, and in lifting a child. Secondly,      it adducts the humerus, as when flapping the arms. Thirdly, it rotates the humerus medially, as occurs when      arm-wrestling. The pectoralis major is also responsible for keeping the arm attached to the trunk of the body.     It has two different parts which are responsible for different actions. The clavicular part is close to the deltoid      muscle and contributes to flexion, horizontal adduction, and inward rotation of the humerus. When at an approximately      110 degree angle, it contributes to abduction of the humerus. The sternocostal part is antagonistic to the clavicular      part contributing to downward and forward movement of the arm and inward rotation when accompanied by adduction.      The sternal fibers can also contribute to extension, but not beyond anatomical position.   </div>   <div>     <strong>Nerve:</strong>     <span itemprop="nerve" itemscope itemtype="">       <span itemprop="name">lateral pectoral nerve</span>     </span> and     <span itemprop="nerve" itemscope itemtype="">       <span itemprop="name"> medial pectoral nerve</span>     </span>   </div>   <div itemprop="insertion" itemscope itemtype="">     <strong>Insertion:</strong>     Lateral lip of the bicipital groove of the <span itemprop="name">humerus</span>   </div>   <div>     <strong>Location:</strong>     <span itemprop="bodyLocation">       Clavicular head: anterior surface of the medial half of the clavicle.Sternocostal head: anterior surface of the sternum,        the superior six costal cartilages, and the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle.     </span>   </div>   <div itemprop="code" itemscope itemtype="">   <strong>MeSh:</strong>     <meta itemprop="codingSystem" content="MeSh" />     <span itemprop="codeValue">A02.633.567.775</span>   </div> </div>

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