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An action performed by a direct agent and indirect participants upon a direct object. Optionally happens at a location with the help of an inanimate instrument. The execution of the action may produce a result. Specific action sub-type documentation specifies the exact expectation of each argument/role.


John Patronson wrote the Book of Patronson from 18 january to 9 march 2013.

{   "@context": "",   "@type": "WriteAction",   "agent": {     "@type": "Person",     "givenName": "John",     "familyName": "Patronson"   },   "startTime": "2013-01-18T20:00Z",   "endTime": "2013-03-09T20:00Z",   "result": {     "@type": "Book",     "name": "Book of Patronson"   } } 

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