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A type of blood vessel that specifically carries blood away from the heart.


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<div itemscope itemtype="">   <h1 itemprop="name">Aorta</h1>     <h3 itemprop="alternateName"><i>arteria maxima</i></h3>     <img itemprop="image" src=""        alt="Schematic view of the aorta and a number of its most important branches" />     <div>       <strong>Function:</strong>       <span itemprop="function">distributes oxygenated blood to all parts of the body through the systemic circulation</span>     </div>     <div>       <strong>Location:</strong>       <span itemprop="bodyLocation">          left ventricle of the heart and extending down to the abdomen,          where it bifurcates into two smaller arteries (the common iliacs).       </span>     </div>     <div>       <strong>Branches:</strong>       <span itemprop="arterialBranch" itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Ascending Aorta</span>       </span>,       <span itemprop="arterialBranch" itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Arch of aorta (supra-aortic vessels)</span>,       </span>       <span itemprop="arterialBranch" itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Descending aorta, thoracic part:</span>       </span>     </div>     <div itemprop="source" itemscope itemtype="">       <strong>Source:</strong>       <span itemprop="name">Left ventricle</span>     </div>     <div itemprop="supplyTo" itemscope itemtype="">       <strong>Supplies:</strong>       <span itemprop="name">Systemic circulation</span>     </div>     <div itemprop="partOfSystem" itemscope itemtype="">       <strong>Part of system:</strong>       <span itemprop="name">Cardiovascular System</span>     </div>     <span itemprop="code" itemscope itemtype=""          itemid="">       <meta itemprop="codeValue" content="68001011" />       <meta itemprop="codingSystem" content="MeSh" />     </span> </div>