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Rigid connective tissue that comprises up the skeletal structure of the human body.

Markup Example

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<div itemscope itemtype="htttp://">   <h1 itemprop="name">Humerus</h1>   <div itemprop="partOfSystem" itemscope itemtype="">     Part of <span itemprop="name"><strong>skeletal</strong></span> system,       the humerus is a long bone in the arm or forelimb that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.   </div>   <div itemprop="function">     Like all bones it gives shape to the body and acts as an attachment site for the muscles around it.   </div>   <div>     Anatomically, it connects the      <span itemprop="connectedTo" itemscope itemtype="">       <span itemprop="name">scapula</span>     </span>       and the lower arm (consisting of the      <span itemprop="connectedTo" itemscope itemtype="">       <span itemprop="name">radius</span>      </span>and      <span itemprop="connectedTo" imtescope itemtype="">       <span itemprop="name">ulna</span>     </span>).   </div>   <p><strong>Position of Humerus:</strong></p>   <img src="" itemprop="image" alt="Position of Humerus" />   <p>A diagram of this bone:</p>   <div itemprop="diagram" itemscope itemtype="">     <img src=""      itemprop="image" alt="Diagram of Humerus" style="width:400px; height:400px;"/>   </div> </div>