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SportsEvent UML Diagram

Supertypes = Thing, Event
Subtypes = none
Inherited properties = description:Text, image:URL, name:Text, url:URL, attendees🙁Person or Organization), duration:Duration, endDate:Date, location🙁Place or PostalAddress), offers:Offer, performers🙁Person or Organization), startDate:Date, subEvents:Event, superEvent:Event
Properties = none
Defined by =



Event type: Sports event.


SportsEvent like Wimbledon.

RDFa 1.1 Lite

<div vocab="" typeof="SportsEvent">   <span property="name">     Wimbledon 2012   </span>   <span property="startDate">     <meta property="startDate" content="2012-06-25" />   </span>   and finished   <span property="endDate">     <meta property="endDate" content="2012-07-08" />      08/07/2012   </span>   <div>     <strong>Players who will participate: </strong>     <span property="performers">       <span typeof="Person">         <span property="name">Roger Federer</span>       </span>,       <span typeof="Person">         <span property="name">Rafael Nadal</span>       </span>,       <span typeof="Person">         <span property="name">Novak Djokovic</span>       </span>....     </span>   </div> </div>


<div itemscope itemtype="">   <span itemprop="name">     Wimbledon 2012   </span>   <span itemprop="startDate">     <meta itemprop="startDate" content="2012-06-25" />   </span>   and finished   <span itemprop="endDate">     <meta itemprop="endDate" content="2012-07-08" />      08/07/2012   </span>   <div>     <strong>Players who will participate: </strong>     <span itemprop="performers">       <span itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Roger Federer</span>       </span>,       <span itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Rafael Nadal</span>       </span>,       <span itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Novak Djokovic</span>       </span>....     </span>   </div> </div>