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This Page Semantic Annotations

Thing UML Diagram

Supertypes = none
Subtypes = CreativeWork, Event, Intangible, MedicalEntity, Organization, Person, Place, Product
Inherited properties = none
Properties = additionalType:URL, description:Text, name:Text, image:URL, url:URL
Defined by =
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Description does not distinguish abstract types versus concrete types we suggest that Thing is abstract therefore you have to look to its concrete subtypes.Thing is the supertype of all types.

In addition, we encourage publishers to make use of the properties of type Thing since they are inherited by all its subtypes.

One open question (we invite you to discuss):

Can we reference a Thing by means of a URL?

The official documentation of recommends:

When browsing the types, you will notice that many properties have “expected types”. This means that the value of the property can itself be an embedded item (see section 1d: embedded items). But this is not a requirement?it’s fine to include just regular text or a URL. In addition, whenever an expected type is specified, it is also fine to embed an item that is a child type of the expected type. For example, if the expected type is Place, it’s also OK to embed a LocalBusiness.

As such keep in mind that the properties have “expected types” but in all cases if you cannot provide such type you can use “just regular text or a URL”.

Concrete things

Check concrete types you may need to markup:

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