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TrainStation UML Diagram
Supertypes = Thing, Place, CivicStructure
Subtypes = none
Inherited properties = additionalType:URL, alternateName:Text, description:Text, name:Text, image:URL, sameAs:URL, url:URL,

address:PostalAddress, aggregateRating:AggregateRating, containedIn:Place, event:Event, faxNumber:Text, geo🙁GeoCoordinates or GeoShape), globalLocationNumber:Text, interactionCount:Text, isicV4:Text, logo🙁ImageObject or URL), map:URL, openingHoursSpecification:OpeningHoursSpecification, photos🙁Photograph or ImageObject), review:Review, telephone:Text,


Properties = none
Defined by =
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A train Station


<div itemscope itemtype="">   <h2 itemprop="name">Berlin Central Station</h2>     <img itemprop="image" src=""       alt="Berlin Central Station picture" />     <div itemprop="description">       Berlin Central Station, is the main railway station in Berlin, Germany. It began full operation two days after a ceremonial opening        on 26 May 2006. It is located on the site of the historic Lehrter Bahnhof, and until it opened as a main line station, it was a stop        on the Berlin S-Bahn suburban railway temporarily named Berlin Hauptbahnhof?Lehrter Bahnhof. The station is operated by DB Station &amp; Service,        a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, and is classified as a Category 1 station, one of twenty in Germany and four in Berlin, the others being Berlin        Gesundbrunnen, Berlin S&uuml;dkreuz and Berlin Ostbahnhof.     </div>     <div>     <strong>Opened:</strong>       26 May 2006     </div>     <div>       <strong>Architect:</strong>       Meinhard von Gerkan     </div>     <div>       <strong>Category:</strong>         1     </div>     <div>       <strong>Station Code:</strong>       1071     </div>     <div>       <strong>Daily entry:</strong>         300,000     </div>     <div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="">       <strong>Location:</strong>       <span itemprop="addressLocality">Berlin</span>,       <span itemprop="addressCountry" itemscope itemtype="">         <span itemprop="name">Germany</span>       </span>     </div> </div>

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