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This Page Semantic Annotations


TVSeason UML Diagram
Supertypes = Thing, CreativeWork
Subtypes = none
Inherited properties = additionalType:URL, description:Text, name:Text, image:URL, sameAs:URL, url:URL,

about:Thing,accountablePerson:Person, aggregateRating:AggregateRating, alternativeHeadline:Text, associatedMedia:MediaObject, audience:Audience, audio:AudioObject, author🙁Person or Organization), awards:Text, comment:UserComments, contentLocation:Place, contentRating:Text, contributor: Person or Organization, copyrightHolder:Person or Organization, copyrightYear:Number, creator:Person or Organization, dateCreated:Date, dateModified:Date, datePublished:Date, discussionUrl:URL, editor:Person, educationalAlignment:AlignmentObject, educationalUse:Text, encodings:MediaObject, genre:Text, headline:Text, inLanguage:Text, interactionCount:Text, interactivityType:Text, isBasedOnUrl:URL, isFamilyFriendly:Boolean, keywords:Text, learningResourceType:Text, mentions:Thing, offers:Offer, provider:Person or Organization, publisher:Organization, publishingPrinciples:URL, reviews:Review, sourceOrganization:Organization, thumbnailUrl:URL, timeRequired:Duration, typicalAgeRange:Text, version:Number, video:VideoObject

Properties = endDate:Date, episode:TVEpisode, numberOfEpisodes:Number, partOfTVSeries:TVSeries, seasonNumber:Integer, startDate:Date, trailer:VideoObject
Defined by =
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A TV Season, part of a TVSeries

Markup Example

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<div itemscope itemtype="">     <h1 itemprop="name">The Apprentice 3</h1>     <div itemprop="description">       The Apprentice 3 is the third season of The Apprentice. It premiered January 20, 2005 on NBC.        In this season, two groups of nine were divided into book smarts (who took the name Magna Corp)        and street smarts (called Net Worth) referring to those with and without a completed college education.        This replaced the Battle of the Sexes concept used on The Apprentice 1 and The Apprentice 2.     </div>     <br />     <strong>Number of episodes:</strong>     <span itemprop="numberOfEpisodes">17</span>     <br />     <strong>Season number:</strong>     <span itemprop="seasonNumber">3</span>     <div itemprop="partOfTVSeries" itemscope itemtype="">       <strong>Part of TV Series:</strong>       <span itemprop="name">The Apprentice</strong>     </div>     <div>       <strong>Original run:</strong>       <meta itemprop="startDate" content="2005-01-20" />       January 20, 2005 -        <meta itemprop="endDate" content="2005-05-19" />       May 19, 2005     </div> </div>

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